Ways to Improve Your website for Bing

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Google — the new search engine launched by Microsof company has received a lot of attention especially from the SEO community. From the big market player, bing homepage quiz it is speculated that Google will eat into Google’s share. However, this is not the first time that big player has entered the market. This makes expectations like Google putting a conclusion to the monopoly of Google completely baseless. That said, as Google is very not the same as the majority of search engines it does some very nice features.

What is different About Google?

When you visit Google you will be pleased to see its cute looking background. But what is great about that? There have been plenty of search engines that try to obscure their immaterial search algorithms with video files. When you type a keyword into the search box, the results you receive are surprisingly relevant but distinctive from the results obtained on Google. Now it’s this that the SEO community is focused on. Although both Google and Google offer relevant search results, their result pages differ vastly. Of course, this difference occurs because of the difference in the search algorithms employed by the two search engines. Now the question is what exactly is the difference and also if the difference is so much that you have to actually get your website optimized for Google.

How to Improve Websites for Google?

Well, during this period it is very difficult to say exactly what needs to be done to improve ones site for Google. Even if Google looks very promising, it is not directly to assume that it will manage to give Google a run for its money. When you are surer that Google will be able to overpower Google, only then should you think of optimizing your website for Google. Till then you can wait.

How to make a website Rank Well With Google?

The actual search criteria that Google uses is obviously not available to the public. That’s why SEO experts are busy taking a chance what works for Google and what does not. Many experts try to test Google by trying out various search queries and analyzing the results obtained.

Some of such tests have revealed that Google is an improvement over Live Searches, especially when it comes to importance of the search results obtained. However, the SEO community haven’t were able to reach a opinion about the criteria employed by Google. Even then, there are some common factors that need to be considered when optimizing a website for Google. They are as follows:

Bank linking is not as important: If you execute a comparative study of the search results obtained in Google and those obtained in Google, you will find that all guidelines kept constant, sites on Google have fewer back links than sites on Google.
Incoming spine text is more important: spine text seems to be more important for Google. Actually, this is not too not the same as Google because spine text messages determine the standard of the inbound links. This means, that if you use spine text, you can rank well in both Google and Google.
Link spamming does not help: As number of back links is not important for Google, link spamming does not serve any purpose.
On-page SEO is more important: This is one point on which SEO experts are divided. Many think that on-page optimization successful with Google.
Google prefers sites which have been around longer: It is speculated that Google favors older sites. If this is true, bloggers and freshly launched sites are certainly at a disadvantage. The age of a domain matters to Google.
ADVERTISING is simple: If you use a competitive key phrase on Google, you will be surprised to find the results. It is quite common to find PR1 and PR2 sites in the top ten search results. This is really not possible in Google.
Flash friendliness matters: Google appears to be more flash friendly. If this is true sites that use a lot of Flash will benefit.
Fresh content is not as important: Fresh content, it seems, is not important for Google. It may be that Google struggles to listing sites quickly. Finding old pages rank high is not an uncommon view in Google.
It’s this that we have for now. It is not possible to say what exactly is important for Google. The fact that it gives relevant search results ensures that the criteria it uses is not wrong. Now what remains to be seen is whether Google can definitely dethrone Google with its techniques.