Scores Coup Over NVIDIA in GPU rental

A week ago Macintosh personal computer introduced it’s new choice of MacBook Professionals and included their new “Thunderbolt” connection allowing you for faster data transferring, this feature captured most of the headers from tech bloggers and writers. I think that there is a different story here, which is the MacBook Pro going with AMD’s choice of GPU’s. For years NVIDIA has been a leader in the GPU marketplace, developing and providing top of the line graphics cards and drivers. NVIDIA has been synonymous with performance in the GPU marketplace delivering the highest quality out of everyone, but the recent shift to AMD’s GPU choice signifies a large change in the marketplace.

AMD was known as the primary rival to Intel in the traditional CPU market, 5 years ago AMD acquired ATI, your second graphics card maker on the market (to NVIDIA). Once AMD acquired ATI they began developing CPU+GPU combo chips targeting laptops specifically because they saw the market shifting from a desktop environment to a mobile environment. Around that same time NVIDIA began investing into mobile processors because they saw the market shifting as well.

As these two major processor companies began shifting their core development principals, the market industry begun to shift as well. NVIDIA begun to slip a little in the GPU department, and gain in the mobile market. AMD begun to slip in the desktop processor market but gain in the laptop and GPU market.

Now we set out to see a different landscape in processors. NVIDIA is seen as a leader in the mobile processor market with it’s Tegra choice, running such flagship devices as the Verizon Motorola XOOM pill (the first Android mobile phone 3. 0 Honeycomb pill on the market), and the At&t Motorola Atrix (the first available dual-core Android mobile phone Smartphone). AMD is now a leader in the laptop processor market and the laptop GPU market. The latest step for AMD was being selected as the GPU in the freshly announce MacBook Pro computers. MacBook Professionals have been the laptop and computer of choice for a long time now of graphic designers and developers, who are in demand of the highest performing video processors. Four years ago NVIDIA would have been an easy choice for the GPU in the MacBook Professionals but now AMD is the choice, not only because their processors consume low amount of power but because their performance is through the roof.

In an ever changing marketplace of processors and devices, these two companies are shifting their core focus in numerous directions and it’s really hard to tell the ones long term strategy will pay off, but where we are right now AMD has had a strong pose in the video marketplace and NVIDIA has had a strong pose in the mobile marketplace. It will be interesting to see how this is all going to play out.