The best gre coaching for GRE exams

GRE test which means Graduate Record Examination and it is conducted for graduate students to test their proficiency. The students who want to study abroad should appear for the examination to prove their proficiency in the related subjects. It is a test used to measure the mathematical, verbal and analytical writing skills of the students. It is a test that intends to test the proficiency of the students in the related subjects. This test is conducted by the Educational Testing Service and is also developed and administered by them. The students in Chennai are also appearing for the GRE test because they want to go abroad to study. The best gre coaching in Chennai provides training to the students to study rigorously.

GRE exam and coaching

This test consists of analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning section. In analytical writing, they should present the analysis of an issue. In the next part, they should also present the analysis of an argument. The students should complete this section in 30 minutes. The next section, the students should attempt is the verbal reasoning section. The students should attempt 20 questions and complete the section in 30 minutes. Then, the students should appear for the quantitative reasoning section. Then, they should attempt two sections. They should attempt 20 questions per question. They should attempt 35 questions per section.

So, the students should appear for the coaching classes to impart the best training for GRE.

Classroom Training

For classroom training, they should attend 60 hour session and attend the training. They should present unlimited essay reviews of the students. The mentor also conducts unlimited doubt clearing sessions. The students can attend the classroom training to conduct different interactive sessions such as the unlimited doubt-clearing sessions and conduct numerous online sectional tests. The mentor also prepares customized study plans and provides them pre-recorded videos of the students. They also conduct 1 session of doubt-clearing along with the verbal and maths faculty every month. The tests help them to build accuracy and speed. They conduct timely online tests and provide more than 3000 practice tests. The test helps in building stamina and concentration conducting full-length tests. They use the advanced analytics dashboard and also produce a score predictor along with the stimulating test environment.

Live classes

They conduct 60 hours of live training so that the students study step-wise. They conduct weekday classes for 10 weeks and 3 hours per session. The conduct full-length tests and mock tests for the students so that they can develop confidence. They provide advanced analytics dashboard to provide them the insight about the performance. They conduct unlimited doubt clearing sessions along with one-to-one discussion and analytics. Along with the other sessions, they conduct webinars and hence are provided with foundation sessions, verbal refreshers and information about admission.

Online training

The students can study at their own flexible hours and watch the pre-recorded videos and concepts online. They can also join the weekly webinars and join 16 hours of complimentary sessions. They are conducting 8 full-length tests along with vocabulary app for building vocabulary.

They provide the best gre coaching in Chennai so that the students prepare well for the GRE.